Test Batches, Stacks of Paper.


Take a look at this puppy! Just a couple of days old, this is Calypso Strong Pale. Coming in at 6.2% and around 35IBU (Bitterness Units) Calypso Strong is shaping up to be a part of our launch lineup in the coming months!

To give you an update on our progress, we are currently working our way through mountains of paper - but are hopeful that we will be ready to go by the end of the year. We’ve been talking with some absolute legends at breweries around Brisbane, about our first few Gypsy brew batches. We’ve found the entire brew community to be welcoming and willing to help with any and all questions and comments we’ve had along the way (even if some of them were pretty stupid!!)

We’ve also been brewing whenever time will allow to make sure our first batch is as as great as possible.

Photos here are from a batch that we are calling ‘Tropicana’ - It’s an XPA that will remind you of a Frosty Fruit - super fruity on the nose, lighter body, and refreshing bitterness. Perfect going into summer.

We’ll be back soon with another update when this pupper has had time to ferment, is all carbed up & ready for tasting! - If you are keen for a sample, slide on into our DM’s on Insta, or send us a message on Facebook & we’ll do our best to get some out to you.

Kate & Jacob.