The Big Day.

Friends, we made some beer! Our very first commercial brew! And the first cab off the rank is…

RED-IPA - Copy.jpg

Our Red IPA! It’s a hop-forward, yet easy drinking beer, and a crowd favourite among our friends and family, who have sampled the experimental batches brewed at home over the years.

Hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic, and with a backbone of sweet malt, our Red IPA has the hop forward characteristics that we want to showcase with our beer, while remaining balanced with an almost creamy finish.

This is a recipe that has been through a number of changes over the years, tweaked and adjusted with care, with feedback from our mates along the way. We couldn’t be prouder to now be releasing the Red IPA to the community!

We had an awesome day at Hub Brewing for our first commercial brew. Chris, owner and head brewer at Hub Brewing, helped us scale up the recipe ahead of our brew, had everything ready to go for us the morning of. Kate got stuck into crushing grains on arrival, which as many home brewers can attest to, is surprisingly satisfying.


The 200L Braumeister system available at Hub Brewing is perfect for us; allowing us to scale the recipe gradually, while also feeling familiar to the systems we have been using brewing at home. Running the mash paddle through 50kg of grain, however, can be a bit of a challenge.

The mash (soaking grain to release sugars) went well, with the wort (unfermented beer) looking great. No issues with the boil (60 minutes) or chilling either. Just a slightly clogged filter from perhaps a few too many hops!

The beer has been fermenting for a couple of weeks now, and we’ve taken samples along the way to check the progress. It was great to taste the early samples and know that they are very much aligned with the recipe we have developed over the years.

After a healthy dry hop (adding hops to the fermenting beer - primarily for aroma), our Red IPA is now ready to be kegged and delivered to good beer venues from this weekend!


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