We're Back!

And here to stay! After a brief hiatus from the brewery set-up, where boring work (day jobs) got in the way of fun work (brewing), we’re ready to hit the ground running! That’s not to say we’ve been lazy beer fanatics. To catch you up on what we’ve been doing:

  1. We’re licenced! All the paperwork paid off, and we are now an official brew co. In all it was a surprisingly quick process once the documents went in, and we found that people were happy to keep us updated on the progress of our submissions throughout the process.

  2. We went to Japan! Not particularly brewery related, although plenty of beer was consumed on the trip. For craft beers lovers heading over to Japan, we highly recommend checking out Beer Komachi and BeerBar Miyama 162, our favourite craft beer bars in Kyoto.

  3. We found a place to brew! The amazing team at Hub Brewing in Geebung have kindly taken us under their wing. Their flashy new set-up, with a 200L Braumeister and smaller 50L systems, is perfect for us as we start out, and means that we can make smaller batches to get our beer out in the market.

  4. We’ve decided on our first commercial brew! After much toing and froing, and countless test batches, we finally made the decision as to what beer to brew first. It felt like the biggest commitment to make (even bigger than when we decided to get married!), but we’re bloomin’ excited to get it out into the hands of Brissy’s good beer drinkers.

What’s our first beer? Stay tuned for our next blog: ‘The Big Day’.